10 World’s Most Expensive Cars Owned By Celebrities: Bugatti & Maybach’s Luxurious Alternatives To Ordinary Rides

carsthumbDoes having the most expensive car matter to a celebrity? Apparently not to David Beckham. Nor does he care that his Rollys-Royce Phantom Drophead is the slowest in top speed and acceleration rate among the top 10 most expensive celebrity cars featured in the latest infographic. Perhaps for this Englishman, it’s the class and other luxurious benefits that count and his car is a viable alternative for him. You couldn’t get a classier “family car” than Beckham’s; he was even spotted to drive his kids around Beverly Hills in his Phantom.

But rap stars are definitely at it, topping the first half of the most expensive cars owned by celebrities list with their Bugattis. Jay Z, Flo Rida, Lil Wayne, The Game, and Birdman may have different rap styles, but they have a common taste for one of the world’s most expensive cars: Bugatti Veyron and its various alternative models. If you wondered what’s the best car out there then Veyron is also the fastest road car on the list with a top speed of 254mph. But before you think the Bugatti is only for celebrities with a gift for trash talking, Simon Cowell owns one, too. Then again, maybe the supercar is for people with a gift for trash talking after all.

Incidentally, we couldn’t help but notice that no female celebrities made it to the top ten. Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley only comes at thirteenth place with a tag price of $285,000. Whatever happened to gender equality? Women’s empowerment? Girl power? Or maybe girls are just not dumb to fall over heels about cars even to a point of giving one a name and consider alternative ways of spending their money.

It’s easy to feel a little bad seeing people driving cars with a tag price two to five times your annual income. But fret not, software alternatives show that when people buy supercars that means the economy is doing good. Remember the 2009 crash that hit the supercar sector, which came right after the subprime crash? Recently, Businessweek tracked the surge in luxurious car sales this year to a booming stock market and home prices, clear indicators of an economic good time. Now if only a fraction of that good time trickles down to us, working class.


Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

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  • Avatar BugattiGuy says:

    Bugatti was the fastest car until recently it was overtaken by Hennessey Venom GT going above 270mph. Interestingly, the Guinness Book of Records didn’t recognize it because the run was done in only one direction, whatever that means.

    • Avatar KoenigseggFreak says:

      Actually, I’m almost 100 percent sure that the koenigsegg Agera R is quicker than the bugatti veyron, but yes the venom GT is insanley fast

  • Avatar chris says:

    Great infographic for showing us how rich black rappers don’t know how to handle wealth. Another insight I get from this–don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld know their game.

  • Avatar Arjun Parashar says:

    Didn’t know about the Exelero, but still if anybody asks about my dream car, it will be Bugatti Veyron. The luxuriness along-with the super agile aerodynamic body can beat anyone on its way.

  • i don’t know about you but i will vote venom GT as the fastest any day of the week but the veyron still rocks

  • Avatar susan says:

    to me the shelby ford mustang jet is the fastest car because it distroys the bugatti in a drag race,and so it will do to hennessy gt by a better driver.

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