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The Most Expensive Food In The World: 10 Lavish Alternatives To Your Everyday Dishes

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food-thumbIt’s just another Paris Hilton Instagram post showing the room service meal she ordered during her Shanghai sojourn last November. “I love Chinese food,” she commented. But there’s one problem, except for the fried rice, the dishes were hardly Chinese: panini, creamy soup, spaghetti, and some other general meals. I wouldn’t fault her though, and the public seems to understand her little culinary mishap. After all, the Paris Hiltons amidst us are more at home eating fancy alternative meals than being confronted by an unassuming panini. Well then, let’s give Paris Hilton one fancy menu.

I thought to put together in an infographic a set of meals that will be lavish alternatives for one day of really expensive culinary journey, featuring the most expensive foods in the world. These foods are unabashedly opulent and clearly prepared to appeal to customer’s emotions, but before you get upset, many of these alternative culinary items were created for fundraising programs (like an auction). Okay, some are truly lavish beyond reason. To put their prices in perspective, our total bill by dinner’s end easily matches the annual income of an average American household, whose weekly meal budget is estimated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be somewhere from $130 to $250 for a family of four.

There’s another reason why a dish can be very expensive and the things to look for are hard to miss: the chef sprinkled some diamonds, luxury pearls, or gold as a side attraction, such as the spoon, plate, goblet, or a decor. I thought it’s cheating. You can always make anything the most expensive by throwing in some diamonds, the most expensive toilet for instance.

Still, for some dishes it is easy to imagine why they’re expensive: the ingredients are either rare or take a lot of time and effort to source. What makes Wagyu beef literally a cut above the rest? The cow where the beef comes from is massaged and fed on beer every single day of its short bovine life. Saffron, a most prized spice, requires 75,000 filaments to make a pound!

We have more surprising costs in this day’s menu, from an ice cream whose price leaves you deathly cold, to a putrid cake slice that the ultra rich had craved to buy.


The Most Expensive Food In The World

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Louie Andre

By Louie Andre

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waj says:

I am not surprised by the above fantasy and delicacy as i am owner of a lavish restaurant and I am working for 5 star luxury properties for more than a decade. These prices are hiked because some of them are really rare to find in rest of the world like beluga, sevruga and oscetra caviar (eggs) and some of them are made as delicacy to deliver the top rich people a special treat which ordinary people can't afford. So far taste is concerned to a person what he/she likes or what their pockets allows them to spend. The best cuisine from my point of view is some Asian cuisine, Italian, Mexican and labanese as well. It's all about your bank balance and source of income otherwise people are in the world eating for whole month with family for just 300$ and below as well and find delicacy according to their budget.

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Peter says:

I have news for you - fried rice isn't Chinese. Western restaurants serve the dish as a way of using up yesterday's uneaten rice. The Chinese are amused by this.

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Vinodkumar says:

Here you eat wealthy material. In India and especially in my home state , you can have your full family relish for a month on this budget for non veg . Veg may keep your purse longer.

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hmtfwang says:

I'm in the restaurant business as a junior partner and once we debated in the boardroom which way to go-mass-market burger joints or classy culinary restaurant? This was right after the 2008 recession and we're edgy where the economy was heading. We decided classy and fancy over burger joints. You see on economic downturns, mass-market products will lose out. The rich will have longer strings and in fact tend to get even richer buying low-priced assets like properties. So, hey, we want to be in that crowd. I don't know why I'm talking about it here, but this infographic kinda reminded me that we made the right decision. Believe me, luxury meals are not worth it unless you're the restaurant owner.

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jeanbean says:

Well because luxury meals are a status symbol that's why we're fascinated. They don't have to be the best-tasting or give you the biggest bang out of your wallet, they just have to be expensive and watch the rich fall into a shark frenzy. Some of those celebrity chef restaurants are a treat, and worth a plate if you have the cash.

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Expertchef says:

I am surprised you didn't mention the Best and most expensive Saffron in the world.
10 thousand euros per kilo, and it is from Navelli, Abruzzo region, Italy.

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